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Kerala Jyothisham


This site is dedicated for Keralite Astrological Services and Career Guidance

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Thanthrik Yanthras

Sudarsana YanthraAshtadala Padma Thripura Sundari Yanthra






The Vedic Keralite Astrology Refers

toThe Branch of Indian Astrology de-

voleped in Kerala in a more scientific

way with agreater practical application.

The Horoscopeand other aspects like

Matching are based on the time, date

and place of birth. But evenif one or all

of these are not available,then also the

details of a person can beknown by

taking a thatkal prasna. The

conclusions and predictions are error-

free and scientific and bring exactly the

desired results. The parihars or

solutionsare designed in such a way that

the expectedresult is guaranteed.

You are guaranteed the results of our prediction,

the result of our pariharas and all the duties we

perform. We are doing our calculation on a

system that has been serving and proven its reliability

for more than about 3000 years.






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